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Sample Collection

We provide all necessary equipment for the collection of the samples: cups/swabs, requisitions, bags, shipping containers, lock boxes, and even a workstation and printer. In-House collectors and assistants can be provided depending on sample volume.

Fast Results

Upon receipt of your specimen at our lab, results can be faxed or accessed through our web portal. Direct integration of orders and results is available for selected EHR. Test results are typically available 48-72 hours after the submission of a specimen.

Testing Methods

We provide confirmation testing (LC/MS/MS) for offices performing their own CLIA-waived urine screens, or perform automated Immunoanalyzer Screening with confirmation testing for practices that do not perform their own screens. Each physician will tailor their individual test profile to accommodate the requirements of their patient population. We can test urine (preferred) and saliva through oral swabs.

Courier Service

We provide courier service for practices in the Atlanta Metropolitan area or delivery through shipping companies.

Physician Consultation

SalvusLabs provides toxicology testing for practices that pursue the highest standard of care for pain patients. We assist practices in integrating toxicology into their compliance program, supplementing treatment agreements, record review, frequent monitoring, pill counts, risk stratification, family counseling, and queries of prescription drug monitoring databases.

Each referring practice will have direct access to one of our physician consultants. They can assist in interpreting the test results and apply these to the patient’s care. We are not a high-volume, national “mega lab”. Each of our referring practices will get to know their physician consultants personally. We bridge the gap between toxicology test results and clinical practice.

Laboratory Director

Our laboratory director, lab manager, and technical consultant are available to discuss any questions relating to the science of toxicology and test methods.

Insurance Information

We verify the patient’s insurance information at point of collection and we bill the insurance company (government and commercial plans) or in some cases, the patient (self-pay). We have a transparent, very competitive payment policy for self-pay patients and are happy to dicsuss this with our clients or their patients.